How To Use The Traktor S4 Sample Decks (Properly)


I have had many emails asking me recently how to use the sample decks on Traktor Pro 2 software and the S4. If your a newby to this software then they can be a little daughnting and overwealming with all the other features that are also on offer however by following this guide you will be up and running in no time.

So fist of all what are the benefits of using the sample decks as apposed to using all 4 decks? Well it really depends on you and the style of mix you are going for. The sample decks can be used for any genre of music and are perfect for capturing  a hook, melody or a beat that you want to carry through more of the mix or bring it back later on down the line.

For example if you are mixing hip hop then there may be an accapella or two that you would like to drop in o spice things up! and the sample decks will allow you to do that.

The Traktor Pro 2 software will allow you to play up to 8 of the sample decks simutaniously at any time along with the two main decks, therefore the posibilities are endless!

How To Operate The Sample Decks


Step 1

Find the part of the track that you wish to loop/sample. If it is Deck one that the track is playing then use the sample decks directly below.

Step 2

Using the loop knob on the right hand side of the ‘in’ & ‘out’ loop buttons and turn to the desired number of beats e.g. 2,4,8,16 etc.


Step 3

When your ready to sample the part of the track hit one of the four sample deck buttons. You will notice that it will be inserted into a window on the Traktor software.


Step 4

Ok so now this loop is running continiously unless you have changed the option to single play by clicking on the top right of the sample deck window.






Step 5

Now the loop will be assigned to the C or D channel of the S4’s mixer depending on your set up. Bring in the loop by sliding the channel fader up and hit play on the sample deck or bring the loop in slowly depending on your style of the mix.

You can use Traktors FX if you wish to demolish the dancefloor as well as the filters etc. The sample decks really add that creative side to the mix and can be a great feature when used properly.