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Traktor S2 Review


The Traktor S2 is finally being injected into the DJ world and population. The 2.1 channel midi control is designed with the mobile DJ in mind.  Will it sell more than the great S4? Who knows at this present time but we shall soon see when it hits the shelves on October 4th 2011.

Native Instruments have built a fantastic reputation for great software and hardware over the past decade and continue to rise above their competitors in the DJing market. This is a great indication to you that this controller that you are thinking of investing in, will be of a very solid build quality and will feature some of the best features NI have to offer with their Pro DJing software Traktor as they really can’t afford to loose their dominance in the market place.

Further more it will be available for around the $599 price tag in all good online & offline retailers making this midi device one of the cheapest most advanced midi controller on the market currently.  Included in that price you will receive a free copy of the Traktor Pro 2 software valued at $99 which makes use of the S2’s onboard features such as the FX and advanced looping technology.

Still not convinced?

Let us take a look at this monster in a little more detail.  The S2 provides the high-res jog wheels found on the S4 and combined with its simple lay out of controls for fx and cueing it really does have clear water between it’s rivals such as theVestax Typhoon Digital DJ MIDI Controller or the Dennon DN-MC6000 which can be found in the same price bracket as the S2.

With it’s integrated 24bit/96 kHz sound card with its dual stereo outputs is based on the award-winning technology of the Traktor audio interface range, and provides the incredible sound quality with its clarity and especially high output volume.

Traktor s2The S2 features two playback decks which as well as sample decks which can inject up to eight syncronised loops or samples into your mix and provides the s2 with a third channel that can amplify and push your creative talent and performance to the max.

This controller is very easy to set up as it is based on a plug and play system. Depending on the spec of your laptop there may be a little lag in loading time of the software but once it’s fired up there is nothing to stand in the way of you and your music.

For the best price online then click on the image. (please note this is updated on a regular basis as I will be checking every week online for the best deal).

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