Traktor S4 & S2 Flightcase

For any of you who have invested in a Traktor S2 or S4 and you are planning to use this on the road or travel with it then i would highly recommend protecting it with some kind of flight case/bag. So what is the best case for Traktor S4 or S2? Well lets take a look.


There are a few options that work really well and I would suggest that you check them all out before making a decision and purchasing.


Traktor Flight CaseFirstly lets look at what seems to be the most highly recommended of all the cases on the market at the moment which is Native Instruments very own Traktor Kontrol S4 flight case. This case is designed especially for the Traktor S4 controller and is reliable and robust.


Like a quality guitar case it has soft padding inside and is extremely durable on the outside so it can take a knock or two. It is perfect for any mobile DJ and has a laptop stand included that slides out providing a fantastic DJing station with all the controls at your fingertips.


You need to bare in mind that it is twice as heavy as the s4 so I would certainly recommend that you have transport to travel with this.


  • traktor flightElevates your S4 unit to industry-standard DJ hardware height
  • Detachable front panel for adjusting controls on the front of the S4
  • Material: Wood with aluminum casing and inner felt padding
  • White TRAKTOR logo print on front
  • Outer dimensions: 60 x 46 x 21cm, 23.6″ x 18″ x 8.3″
  • Weight: 8.7 kg, 19 lbs
  • Bottom: rubber feet for sturdy positioning

The next carrying case is the UDG trolley bag made specifically for NI and the Traktor Kontrol’s.


This trolley bag will allow you to take more of your gear with you when travelling. With this bag you can take not only your S4/S2 but also your laptop, headphones and wires.


The size and dimensions of the bag are designed to meet the requirements of most airlines for carry on luggage fitting in on-board overhead storage units.


This case is is made of tough, durable material and has  sturdy in-line wheels for easy transport and immediate mobility. This is a much more light weight solution however is almost twice the price as the Traktor flight case.


  • Durable aluminium grip housed in weatherproof top pocket
  • Black on black TRAKTOR Logo on front with TRAKTOR label and design
  • Large inner pocket, perfect for the traktor bag s4
  • Special pockets for both 15″ and 17″ laptop sizes
  • Smooth rolling, durable in-line wheels for easy transport and mobility
  • Fits everything the travelling DJ needs
  • Outer dimensions: H 58 cm (22,8″) x
    W 41 cm (16″) x D 26 cm (10,25″)
  • Weight: 4,5 kg (9,92 Ibs)


As you can see from the above information, these bag’s and cases really do offer your controller the best form of protection whilst travelling.  I would certainly advise you to think about how and where you will be using your gear and base your decision on what you will demand from a case.